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SEAL 62 Pro Wide Format Laminator

Looking to expand your finishing capacity with more versatility? Look no further than the SEAL 62 Pro Series!

This range includes a dual heat and single-heat model to suit every application need and budget.

Check out the outstanding features you could enjoy with the 62 Pro Series:

Optimum performance
• Adjustable settings for increased capacity and versatility
• Manual nip-adjustment for precise operation
• 11/2" (38 mm) nip opening for processing a wide range of substrates
• Fast processing speeds - up to 20ft (6m) / minute
• Superior roller technology for better processing of soft substrates
• 14.28 lbf/in (2.5n/mm) line pressure for superior cold lamination

Ease of use
• Ergonomic touch pad control panel
• High release silicone rollers for easy cleaning
• Lightweight drop-in supply shafts with auto-grip for easy loading of materials in tight spaces
• Exclusive ‘stay-put’ swing up feed table keeps table up, making media handling and set-up a snap
• Simple film tension adjustment
• Auto-grip upper take-up shaft for winding release liners
• Roll-to-roll operation (from bottom unwind)

• Foot switch for hands free operation
• Comprehensive safety system with emergency stops and self-checking safety eyes
• CE/ETL/CSA certified

Optional Extras

Max. Working Width61" (1550 mm)
Max. Speed20 ft/min (6 m/min)
Electrical Requirements1N/PE 230VAC +/-10% 50/60 Hz, 50A

Auto-grip Shafts
Cantilevered supply shaft
Manual nip-adjustment for precise operation
Flip-up pull rollers (62 Pro D)
Ergonomic Control Panel
62 Pro S
Easy Feed Table (option for all models)
"Careful evaluation of your business plan is important when purchasing a laminator. The capabilities you buy are the limitations you live with. We've chosen the Seal 62 Pro D for its versatility and capabilities. The machine has the ability to address the applications we need now and it is easy to use with quick set-up and transition time. As a growing business, this allows us to handle a wide range of work with a small staff, and as we grow to easily train new operators. We purchased this laminator because it will serve our needs and our customers' now and going forward. Buying a laminator is a one-time purchase. We're very happy with our Seal 62 Pro D, it's a logical well thought-out machine."

Phil Hottinger from Designer's Output, MD.

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