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About Image Finishing

Welcome to the SEAL world of Image Finishing
Converting a print with SEAL finishing products enhances, protects, adds function and increases value. By mounting or laminating you can transform any image into a vibrant graphic with enhanced color, special effects or textures that cannot be achieved through printing alone.

A finished print has body, stability and protection from physical wear and tear. Over-laminating a print provides resistance to abrasion or environmental influences that could cause the image to fade or deteriorate.

Finishing will not only enhance and protect but also create business opportunities and increased profitability. Offering your clients a range of products from short-term indoor signage to longer-term outdoor advertising will drive your competitive edge and compliment your existing business and products. Profits reached with every finished product soon re-pay any investment in equipment.

The SEAL portfolio offers a choice of equipment, materials and accessories for the novice or most experienced print and finishing professional. The possibilities are only limited by your imagination.

To find out how to grow your business with SEAL finishing products click here and a SEAL Sales Representative will contact you or call SEAL toll free on 1800 257-7325.